In this book you will find an in-depth, yet compressed, wealth of knowledge about credit. Some of which banks and credit bureaus Don’t Want You to Know!!! The Credit Compass will guide you through understanding your reports and scores, obtain your credit reports and scores, factors that affect your scores, the best guides to building and maintaining credit, as well as advice on deleting negative information, updating information, dealing with debt collection agencies, and dealing with debt consolidation companies.

After reading this book you will have a true understanding of how credit reports and credit scores are viewed, and how it impacts your life. In the sequel to this book I will be explaining how having good personal credit can get you good business credit, and how good business credit can be a life changer by helping you get access to everything you need to fund your future business endeavors, and how to become your own boss!

A wise man once told me “No one is going to pay YOU like YOU will!!”